Kennedale Speedway Park 03/05/2022

Chad Wilson #20 dominates the Texas Sprint Series season opener at Kennedale Speedway Park! After getting the pole position after the top 12 redraw Chad was untouchable for most of the race looking to be in mid season form already. We did see strong charges from Logan Scherb #18 who had the setup dialed in but fell off towards the end of the race dropping to 3rd after Zane Lawrence #76 got by and stormed after the #20 in lapped traffic. Unfortunately a late race caution fell and ended the momentum of Zane but held on to finish 2nd.

Top 5:

1st Chad Wilson #20

2nd Zane Lawrence #76

3rd Logan Scherb #18

4th Daniel Estes Jr. #74

5th Claud Estes III #74E

Both of the Taco Casa Machines were on the move last night with Zane Lawrence #76 going +8 in the feature but ultimately the Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger went to his teammate Colby Stubblefield #2X who went +14 and finished 7th!


Heart O' Texas Speedway 03/18/22

The Texas Sprint Series made its return to Heart O Texas Speedway Friday night after losing out to Mother Nature on our 2021 dates. After some amazing racing in the heat races and finalizing our lineup after the redraw we started the feature with a Scherb family front row including Corby Scherb #32 on the pole after the redraw and Logan Scherb starting to his outside giving us a battle of the 2 brothers until the first caution fell while they were slicing through lapped traffic. Unfortunately Corby started to fade a bit and ultimately ended the race in 8th position but that did not stop the intense battle up at the front between Logan Scherb #18, Jeff Emerson #35, and Zane Lawrence #76 who were all sliding each other until the very end showcasing their talents in front of the amazing Waco TX crowd. It was a night of highs and lows for Logan Scherb #18 who crossed the finish in first but was disqualified due to a rule infraction which relinquished the win to Jeff Emerson #35 who ended up taking home the $1000 to win payout.

Top 5:

1st Jeff Emerson #35

2nd Zane Lawrence #76

3rd Colby Stubblefield #2X

4th Michelle Parson #21

5th Claud Estes III #74E

This weeks Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to Christian Kinnison #82C who unfortunately missed his heat race due to a mechanical failure in hot laps but showed that he had the car dialed in going +10 in the A Main finishing in 13th!

Our 2 $50 winners from the new "Dakotas Choice" random drawing were Christian Kinnison #82C and Austin Burkham #4B!


Southern Oklahoma Speedway 03/26/22

We crossed state lines for the first time this season over the Red River for the third round of the season at Southern Oklahoma Speedway. With a short notice for pre entry due to an initial postponement we still pulled an insanely strong field of 23 drivers to give the fans an amazing show! The track staff and crew once again gave the drivers a great multi lane race track that allowed for plenty of passing and slide jobs that would eventually setup one of the crowd favorites Gary Owens #33 of Paul's Valley, OK to go +4 and cruise to victory! Following Gary Owens was the pair of Taco Casa cars of Zane Lawrence #76, who scored is 3rd 2nd place finish of the season and Colby Stubblefield #2X who followed him to the line in 3rd. Chris Kelly #32K followed behind in 4th who was charging on the bottom lane until losing some momentum late with Oklahoma Sprint Car Racing Star Danny Wood #55W running him down in 5th position.

Top 5:

1st Gary Owens #33

2nd Zane Lawrence #76

3rd Colby Stubblefield #2X

4th Chris Kelly #32K

5th Danny Wood #55W

This weeks Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger was Colby Stubblefield #2X who went +8 positions in the A Main!


Heart O' Texas Speedway 04/29/2022

Marcus Thomas #10 picks up his first win of the season with us at Heart O Texas Speedway turning around the abysmal luck he has had the past few weeks! There were plenty of "thrills and spills" last night in a very wild race that unfortunately led to a handful of cars getting torn up. Early on in the race we saw a great battle between Marcus Thomas, Chad Wilson #20, Jeff Emerson #35 and Colby Stubblefield #2X for the top spot with all 4 drivers using every inch of the track to gain an advantage which unfortunately led to Colby Stubblefield biking in turns 1 and 2 ending his night but was able to save the car without going over. Taylor Courtney #22M stumbled early on but was able to recover and make he's way back up into the top 5 chasing down Zane Lawrence #76 who went +11 to finish 4th. Jeff Emerson had a few restarts later in the race to have a go at the #10 but Marcus was able to maintain his lead until the checkered finally fell!

Top 5:

1st Marcus Thomas #10 +3

2nd Jeff Emerson #35 -

3rd Chad Wilson #20 +3

4th Zane Lawrence #76 +11

5th Taylor Courtney #22M -2

Our Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award last night went to Joshua Harner #461 who went +12 coming from 20th to finish in 8th!


Abilene Speedway 04/30/2022

Jeff Emerson #35 followed up his 2nd place finish at Heart O Texas Speedway with a dominating win at Abilene Speedway in front of a sellout crowd! Following Jeff was Zane Lawrence #76 who rattled off his 4th second place finish of the season extending his points lead in the season championship standings. Colby Stubblefield #2X, Corby Scherb #32, and Daniel Estes Jr. #74 rounded out the top 5 all recovering from their woes in Waco.

Top 5:

1st Jeff Emerson #35 +3

2nd Zane Lawrence #76 -

3rd Colby Stubblefield #2X +2

4th Corby Scherb #32 +2

5th Daniel Estes Jr. #74 -2

Our Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award last night went to Michelle Parson #57 who went +4 coming from 10th to finish in 6th!