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TSS Rules & Procedures

Rules as of 03/05/2023:

We are sanctioned by RaceSaver and IMCA. Please go to for the latest car and safety rules, and for licensing, click for current season information.

All competitors are required to register online by Wednesday at midnight before the next event. A link to the pre-entry form can be found on Facebook as well as the website's home page. Failure to enter before the deadline will be considered a late entry and be subject to a $200 late entry fee. Tracks are only required to pay the purse for all cars on the pre-entry list that we provide on Thursday before each event.

Please contact us if you pre-entered and do not see your name on the list or if you cannot make the show!

TSS nose wing stickers are mandatory to race, and the contingency stickers will be required to be eligible for giveaways.

In 2023 drivers will not be limited in tire choice on the front tires, but all drivers will be required to run RaceSaver tires on the rear of the car.

This is not a win at all costs series, think before you act and give each other room to race. You can NOT win on the first lap!

All drivers must check in and pay a $10 draw fee when you arrive at the track and get a souvenir flag to sign and give to a kid in the grandstands during driver introductions. The kid that has the winners autographed flag gets a picture with the winner in the winners circle and a shirt signed by all the drivers.

Immediately after hot laps all drivers go to the grandstands for driver introductions and pass out the flags to kids. This is mandatory for all drivers.

At introductions, always remember to promote fan involvement.

Bring any hero cards, candy, or toys for the kids if possible.

Starts and Restarts:

Only crew members on a push vehicle are allowed on the track (no one is allowed to get off of the vehicle and approach or work on the cars).

ANY hot lapping during caution laps will NOT be tolerated and you will be subject to disqualification (this also means no cleaning your tires off).

Inside pole position sets the pace and starts the race. Once they are in the start zone they will be allowed to start the race anywhere within that start zone. Races must be started side-by-side, if outside pole is in front of the leader they will be docked 2 spots. Should the leader jump the start they will be docked two spots. We will not stop the race to penalize drivers, instead it will be at the next flag.

Red Flags - When a red flag comes out, stop. Do not pass the crash site and leave room for safety crews to get through.

Open Reds - We will allow repairs and adjustments at tracks with a hot-pit work area. you must wait until we announce that it is safe to go to the work area and you will restart from the rear of the field.

Heat Races - All heat races will be single file restarts after one completed lap, any single car cautions will be disqualified, and any cars who get lapped during a heat will also be disqualified.

Features - Two single car cautions will be disqualified, and anyone who gets lapped twice during the feature will be disqualified.

Under no circumstance do we allow 360 spins. If you spin out, do not try to save it. Anyone who does a 360 will be disqualified.

If you stop under yellow flag conditions you will be put on the back, this does not apply should an official stop you.

Delaware style restarts: The leader is out front by themselves (absolutely no brake checking or you will be docked 2 spots). Behind the leader everybody is double-file and 2nd gets the inside lane.

NO PASSING before the flag stand.

4-Wide Salute: Rows 1-5 will maintain their place and rows 6-10 will split to the inside and outside of the first 5 rows.

Finish: After the checkered flag the top 5 drivers will pull up on the front straightaway for pictures and interviews.


The top 3 finishers will be required to go to the fan zone fully suited with their cars for a short autograph session.


Drive clean! Slide jobs are allowed and encouraged, but keep them clean. Should a slide job result in you impeding the other driver's line you will be penalized 2 spots at the next caution or checkered flag. There will be no "close your eyes" moments without consequences, just don't do it.

Remember, the driver is responsible for his family and crew. This includes all forms of social media or public displays of negativity absolutely will not be tolerated. 

Should you take your issues to another driver's trailer you will be ineligible for future events.

Should you have any issues, take them up with Danny Merrell ONLY.

Danny's contact:

Facebook messenger

(817) 647-5511

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