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Jimmy Hampton

I had the opportunity of speaking with Jimmy Hampton, a sponsor of our series, about his road to recovery and his first race back after months of rehabilitation! Back in March, Jimmy was in a motor accident where he broke both of his legs. Surgery and many prayers later, he steps foot back where it all happened to support his driver, Chad Wilson.

Corby Scherb

At Kennedale Speedway Park, the driver of the number 32, Corbie Scherb talks about his sponsors and the pressures of racing with family.

Kaleb Emmerson

After his first sport mod win, Kaleb Emerson talks about the positives and negatives that come with racing with his father by his side.

Jeff Emmerson

A quick interview with Jeff Emerson who placed 3rd at Monarch Motor Speedway. Emerson is the current point leader for TSS. Check out my interview with him to hear about how excited he was to be back with TSS after weeks of cancellations and more!

Casey Merrell

After a month and a half break due to weather and an unexpected crash at Boyd Raceway, Casey Merrell talks about how excited he is to be back racing with TSS and more.

Katelynn Dixon

Driver, Caitlin Dixon talks about how she chose blue and the number 11 for her car as well as racing in a male dominated industry.

Logan Scherb

Logan Scherb took home the win last weekend at Grayson County Speedway. Coming off of a great 2020 season, Scherb talks about being back on his game and what we can expect for the rest of the season!

Chance McCrary

At Kennedale Speedway Park, the driver of the #13m talks about placing 2nd last week at Grayson County Speedway and the sponsors that have stuck by him for 17 years.

Claud Estes

At Kennedale Speedway Park, Claud talks about his not-so lucky color green, a borrowed car and more

Michelle Parson

Michelle Parson talks about keeping up as a female in a male dominated industry and what it's like racing with her husband, Chase, by her side.

Christian Kinnison

Christian Kinnison talks about racing with his dad by his side and how he chose the color yellow and number 82c for his car!

Chris and J.T. Kelly

Brothers and drivers of the 32k and 33k, Chris and JT Kelly talk to me about their season and what it's like racing against family.

Joshua Harner

Josh Harner talks about his recent marriage and his preparation for the rest of this season!

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