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Kennedale Speedway Park 03/06/2021

Marcus Thomas took home the win and $1000 this past weekend in our Season Opener at Kennedale Speedway Park! Zane Lawrence and Colby Estes both put on a show battling all race with Marcus but he was able to hang on to 1st until the checkered fell. Thank you again to Nathan Moore with the ASCS Elite Non Wing Series for adding the $300 bonus for this past weekends feature winner!

Top 5:

1st Marcus Thomas #10

2nd Colby Estes #71

3rd Zane Lawrence #76

4th Jeff Emerson #35

5th Chase Brewer #25

Congratulations to Lucas Scherb for taking home the Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger award after going from 15th to 6th in the feature!


Monarch Motor Speedway 03/26/2021

Marcus Thomas goes 2 for 2 taking home his 2nd win of the season with TSS this time at Monarch Motor Speedway this past Friday! Chad Wilson, Sterling Hoff, Jeff Emerson and Chase Brewer did everything they could to try to beat the #10 machine but nothing could stop the red hot start that Marcus has gotten off to!

Top 5:

1st Marcus Thomas #10

2nd Sterling Hoff #39

3rd Chad Wilson #20

4th Jeff Emerson #35

5th Chase Brewer #25

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to Chase Parson who came from the back and went from 20th to 11th in the feature!


82 Speedway 04/10/2021

Chris Kelly (#32K) came down from Oklahoma and stole the show for the second annual Tony Hernandez Memorial! Chris found the moisture on the bottom and was set on cruise control from flag to flag after taking the lead from 3rd place on the opening lap! Jeff Emerson (#35) Shredded through the field trying to chase down the leader but came up 1 position short after going (+9) in the feature and taking home the Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award and is also his 3rd straight top 5!

Top 5:

1st Chris Kelly #32K

2nd Jeff Emerson #35

3rd Zane Lawrence #76

4th Landon Thompson #41T

5th Jeff Day Jr. #3D


Southern Oklahoma Speedway 04/17/2021

We invaded Oklahoma for the first of 2 race weekends this season at

Southern Oklahoma Speedway

with a strong field of 35 drivers. After Oklahoma native Chris Kelly #32K dominated at 82 Speedway last weekend and took home a Texas win, Jeff Emerson #35 wanted to take one back for the Texas drivers and cruised his way going +3 to the win ripping around the top fending off two of the home state favorites of Chris Kelly #32K and Gary Owens #33 trying to defend their home state dirt!

Top 5:

1st Jeff Emerson #35

2nd Chris Kelly #32K

3rd Gary Owens #33

4th Claude Estes III #74E

5th Corby Scherb #32


Grayson County Speedway 05/08/2021

Logan Scherb (#18) breaks his cold streak and returns to 2020 form taking home his first win of the season at Grayson County Speedway! Logan charged to the front after starting 6th weaving through traffic wherever he could find an opening. Early in the race our front row starters Michael Day (#67) and Jeff Emerson (#35) thrilled fans racing wheel to wheel with each other. Unfortunately, they got a little too close towards the end chasing Logan and brought out a late race caution which sent Jeff to the rear ending his night with a 12th place finish. Chance McCrary (#13M) and Michelle Parson (#21) each brought home their season best finishes with Chance holding strong up front all race coming home in 2nd and a charge from Michelle going +5 put her in 3rd.

Top 5:

1st Logan Scherb #18

2nd Chance McCrary #13M

3rd Michelle Parson #21

4th Michael Day #67

5th Merle Scherb #78

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to Colby Scherb (#32) who came from last to 7th going +13 in the A Main!

Congratulations to 11th place finisher Joshua Hanna (#82) for winning the random position bonus provided by Kenny Taylor and Tammy Pack Sturgeon with All Imports Auto Parts!


Kennedale Speedway Park 05/15/2021

Chad Wilson #20 gets it done at Kennedale Speedway Park going +4 to snag his first win with us this season holding off Zane Lawrence #76! Christian Kinnison #82C had the opportunity to start the feature from the pole after the redraw but decided to take the All Import Auto Parts Challenge putting him to the rear of the field for a chance to win an extra $500. Unfortunately after suffering a tire issue he ended up coming home p17. With Christian relinquishing the pole position for the challenge, Casey Merrell #41 inherited the spot to start alongside his teammate Landon Thompson #41T who ended up scoring his best finish of the season in 3rd. With a strong start Casey looked to be on his way to a victory until a mid race caution flew. Once we went back green he had faded to 9th after also suffering a tire issue.

Top 5:

1st Chad Wilson #20

2nd Zane Lawrence #76

3rd Landon Thompson #41T

4th Lucas Scherb #22

5th Jeff Emerson #35

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to DJ Estes #72 who went +11 going from 19th to 8th!


Monarch Motor Speedway 07/03/2021

Michelle Parson #21 had herself a night last night at Monarch Motor Speedway picking up her first win with The Texas Sprint Series this season! After a strong run in her heat race gaining 6 positions to finish 2nd she locked herself into the redraw and ended up getting the 2nd starting position for the feature. After an early battle with the nights pole sitter, Casey Merrell #41 it looked as though she was going to run away with an easy victory until a handful of mid race cautions regrouped the field. After the final restart Michelle had to hold off the hard charging Marcus Thomas #10 until the very end just edging him out by a car length at the finish line! Thank you to all of the drivers that made last night possible along with Monarch Motor Speedway track crew that gave us an amazing track surface for the night.

Top 5:

1st - Michelle Parson #21

2nd - Marcus Thomas #10

3rd - Jeff Emerson #35

4th - Sterling Hoff #39

5th - Zane Lawrence #76

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to Lucas Scherb #22 going from 22nd to 8th in the feature!


Kennedale Speedway Park 07/10/2021

We roared into our third race weekend at Kennedale Speedway Park this season in front of packed stands full of amazing fans who got to watch Jeff Emerson #35 rocket his way around the top to his 2nd win of the 2021 season! There was plenty of passing and action through the field in the feature that went flag to flag with no cautions which had the leaders weaving through lapped traffic at the finish! Katelynn Dixon #11 ended up scoring the pole position in the redraw but decided to take the All Import Auto Parts Challenge to start from the rear for a $100 bonus or $500 bonus if she were to win. Unfortunately Katelynn only made it up to 17th at the end of the race but still scored the $100 bonus!

Top 5:

1st Jeff Emerson #35

2nd Chase Brewer #25

3rd Logan Scherb #18

4th Zane Lawrence #76

5th Chad Wilson #20

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to our race winner Jeff Emerson who went from 6th to 1st in the feature!


Southern Oklahoma Speedway 07/24/2021

After a rough few weeks since his last win a few months ago at Kennedale Speedway Park, Chad Wilson #20 finally returned to the TSS victory lane in stunning fashion as he drove on the literal edge of control to secure his second win this season against a strong run by Jeff Emerson #35 and Oklahoma crowd favorite Gary Owens #33! Southern Oklahoma Speedway once again provided an absolutely amazing race track for the drivers to put on a show and that they did with action packed racing running 3 and 4 wide with each other the entire night! We are now looking ahead to another great weekend at Abilene Speedway on July 31st, hope to see everyone there!

Top 5:

1st Chad Wilson #20

2nd Jeff Emerson #35

3rd Gary Owens #33

4th Christian Kinnison #82C

5th Logan Scherb #18

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to Christian Kinnison who drove from 15th to 4th in last night's feature race!


Abilene Speedway 07/31/2021

Michelle Parson #21 powered through to her second victory of the season with the Texas Sprint Series last night at Abilene Speedway who had an amazing crowd on hand for the show our drivers put on! Jerrad Warhurst #7 led the field to the green with chaos chasing he and Michelle into turn 1 with drivers fanning out 3 wide battling for early track position and stayed clean in doing it. After an early battle between the front row drivers of the #21 and #7, Michelle flexed her muscle and started putting distance between herself and the field before a caution flew. After the restart there was no looking back as she ran unchallenged to the end of the race with great battles behind her between Colby Stubblefield #2X, Austin Saunders #82S, and Jerrad Warhurst #7 as they traded positions until the end of the race!

Top 5:

1. Michelle Parson #21

2. Colby Stubblefield #2X

3. Austin Saunders #82S

4. Jerrad Warhurst #7

5. Jeff Emerson #35

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award was close with 3 drivers going +7 in the feature between Logan Scherb #18, Christian Kinnison #82C, and Joshua Harner #41J but ultimately went to Logan Scherb who was the highest finisher in 8th position!


Boyd Raceway 08/13/2021

The current IMCA National Points Leader Marcus Thomas #10 joined us again this past Friday night at a packed Boyd Raceway and put on a dominating performance against an extremely competitive field making every effort to maintain the National Points lead! John Ricketts #5R and Chase Brewer #25 both had very strong runs in the feature as well with each driver going +5 but running out of laps in the end trying to chase down Marcus Thomas.

Top 5:

1. Marcus Thomas #10

2. John Ricketts #5R

3. Chase Brewer #25

4. Ryan Hall #79

5. Zane Lawrence #76

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to Cody Price #44C who went from 14th to 6th almost charging his way into the top 5!


Abilene Speedway 8/28/2021​

Jeff Emerson #35 set his car on cruise control and rolled to yet another win on the season last night at Abilene Speedway! Last nights win was his 3rd on the season as well as his 9th top 5 through 12 races. The race track yet again gave us packed stands for the amazing racing action our drivers put on in a flag to flag feature with no cautions. A 'Dash 4 Cash' was added to the race night allowing the top 4 qualifiers out of the heats which included (Colby Stubblefield #2X, Jeff Emerson #35, Zane Lawrence #76, and Jerrad Warhurst #7, to race for bonus money as well as draw for each others starting positions in the feature. Colby Stubblefield #2X won the 'Dash 4 Cash' money with Jeff Emerson ending up with the pole position draw for the feature setting up his dominant performance later in the night.

Top 5:

1st Jeff Emerson #35

2nd Colby Stubblefield #2X

3rd Zane Lawrence #76

4th Jerrad Warhurst #7

5th Gary Floyd #F41

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to Corby Scherb #35 who was the highest finishing driver in 6th position to go +2 positions in the feature!


Grayson County Speedway 09/11/2021

Justin Bates #21B got it done this past weekend at Grayson County Speedway charging his way to his first career victory with the Texas Sprint Series! Grayson County Speedway once again blessed us with packed stands for our final points race of the 2021 season which produced wheel to wheel racing action and wild moments throughout the night. After a couple of the early race leaders had issues, Justin Bates #21B powered forward and went +6 to the lead holding off Chase Brewer #25 doing everything he could to get by and Merle Scherb #78 who snuck by Chase at the end to steal 2nd before the checkered flag fell on one of the most exciting race nights of the season!

Top 5:

1st Justin Bates #21B

2nd Merle Scherb #78

3rd Chase Brewer #25

4th Zane Lawrence #76

5th Corby Scherb #32

This weekends Express Car Wash of Texas Hard Charger Award went to Merle Scherb #78 who went +13 going from 15th to 2nd!

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